At GOALIETECH we offer a few different services and we customize all packages offered. 

First, we offer a video coaching service. Simply send us video of a goaltender in a game and we will send you a detailed critique and coaching advice for improvement including specific drill packages that will assist the goalie in the areas he or she needs to improve. We believe that video evidence in a live game is the most effective training tool for rapid improvement. Video training is how all sports including golfers, baseball hitters, quarterbacks, tennis players, etc. improve technically by visual correction. Goalie schools are necessary for physical and repetition training as well as muscle memory, but it is essential to have video coaching for visual training as well.

For local goaltenders in the Greater Toronto area (including Durham, York, and Peel) we offer on ice instruction. We will attend the goaltenders practice ice and provide instruction for the full practice. There are packages available if you wish to include both goalies and multiple visits.

We also offer Scouting or Recruiting service for teams who are looking for a goaltender during the season or at tryouts. Please contact us for more information.

We do not offer a goalie school.

If you are interested in one of the Services we offer, please proceed to Order Form and send us your information along with a detailed message stating the customized package you are looking for.  Thank you!