Welcome to GOALIETECH!

Thank you for visiting GOALIETECH™, the world's most extensive free online knowledge based goalie site. This site is intended for goaltenders wanting to receive visual and written instruction and coaches looking to pass information on to their goalies through a parent who may be acting as a goalie coach. We believe that in order to be a successful goaltender, you must have a solid foundation.

The foundation, like any solid foundation, starts from the ground up. At GOALIETECH, we promote a very technical approach with proper stance and balance that preclude save techniques with minimal wasted movement. It is important for goalies to know as many different save techniques as possible in order to perform them with fluid and calculated mechanics and sound positional play. We teach our goalies through visual and manual repetition, and being square to the puck whenever possible.

At GOALIETECH we don't believe a goalie should choose a 'style' in goaltending. Every goalie should learn as many save techniques as possible and apply that technique to the shot situation or scenario. This site will try and provide you with as much goaltending knowledge as possible to learn on your own, or help you choose a goalie school in your area. Selecting a goalie school or coach can be very difficult. There are many good coaches to choose from and many different techniques and coaching methods. Please explore our website further to learn more about our philosophies and services. Best of luck!